UK Level-6 Diploma (Bachelor's level)


State-approved Diploma

The school has a partnership with a UK institution to deliver this top-up programme: students prepare CTH Level 6 Professional Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management, a State-approved diploma delivered by the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality. The diploma allows students to progress to the Masters's degree and it can also be converted to a Bachelo's degree with Derby University. French Bachelor's are usually not degrees, but professional certificates as the name Bachelor is not protected in France.

The level-6 diploma is delivered in Paris and entirely taught in English.

The program is not specialised and covers all aspects of hospitality management. The school brings a focus on luxury hotel management including a training in luxury operations management. Students in 2018 have evaluated the quality of the programme as excellent with a global evaluation at 80%.

The number of graduates is limited to 20 per year. Two groups of 10 students are formed for practical work, language lessons and luxury seminars. School fees are 24,800 Euros per year subject to a 5,000 Euros “Europe” scolarship for EU and UK students.

Degrees in France


Students discover the fundamentals of hospitality, tourism, management and operations. A serious game allows students to practice their strategic and marketing skills in teams, as they virtually manage a set of competing hotels.

A five-month internship concludes this intensive programme. Students must hold a level-5 diploma to enter the programme.

Admission requirements Master's degree

Event management

The top-up includes practical work in the school's restaurant. Students learn the basis of gastronomy and service and practice their guest relations in a protected environment, a necessary preparation to their first internship in a luxury hotel.

Top-up students are in charge of organising the gala dinner, a high-level banquet on a theme chosen by them. They will organise the event, managed as a project, and also supervise first year students in charge of operations.

Gala dinner (Rio carnival)

Field trip

We take the top-up students to Reims in the Champagne region for a week on a field trip to discover luxury products. We have lunch at l'Assiette champenoise, a 3-star Michelin restaurant.

Field trips are a part of the UK model of educations. Organised in December, it is a moment for team building and a time to socialise with students.

Field trips

2018 Field trip in Champagne with the top-up students



After a level-5

Strategic impact of the business environment

Financial analysis of operations

Marketing strategies

Business strategy

Managing Events

Quality management

Project management F&B operations

Rooms division operations

Luxury attitude Luxury hotel visit Field trip in Champagne 5-month internship

Download the Book of modules for the top-up diploma in Paris

Book of modules (pdf)

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  • Serge Ethuin, Hilton

    “The 3200 hotels of the Hilton group around the world need high- level profiles like yours.” Serge Ethuin, General Manager Hilton Paris and sponsor of the 2007 cohort

  • Michel Jauslin, Hyatt

    “Hoteliers have a passion for hospitality and a very particular attention to detail! Luxury means attention to detail...” Michel Jauslin, Vice-president for Europe, Hyatt and sponsor of the 2005 cohort

About Us

ESH Paris Hotelschool is the first hotel school in the world dedicated to luxury. This family institution founded 30 years ago is the specialist of international luxury hotel management.

The school offers UK Bachelor and Master's degree taught in English in Paris, combining French tradition of gastronomy and luxury hospitality, and anglo-saxon management skills.

Each year, a luxury hotel sponsors the graduations and signs the diplomas as did the Ritz in 1996, Crillon in 1997, Lutetia, Le Bristol, Shangri-La Paris, Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme, Prince de Galles, Raphaël, Fouquet's...