Le Charles is the restaurant in ESH Paris where first year students learn French gastronomy

ESH Paris restaurant

Charles BouvierLe Charles, ESH Paris gastronomic restaurant, is named after Charles Bouvier, grandfather of the founder, who was Maître d’O of the presidential train. His collection of menus from the banquets he supervised at the end of the 19th century decorates the restaurant. In the video, first year students reproduce one of the menus during a banquet.

Le Charles, ESH Paris

The restaurant is supervised by professionals, along with the students, they offer a three-course meal for 21 euros.The students will be delighted to help organise your cocktails and reception at ESH. We also rent conference rooms up to 50 participants, lunch included or not. For any enquiry, please call the restaurant directly at +33(0)1 47 31 81 28 for Paris and +33(0)3 20 70 06 06 for Lille.

Discover our collection of historical menus

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